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Prevention of viruses and infection #Health

Viral infections are extremely common. Every other person seems to be having one infection or the other. Mostly, viruses are spread when an infected person talks, coughs, or sneezes. Viruses of dengue and chikungunya are spread by the bite of mosquitoes.
Here are 4 simple and effective ways to prevent spread of viruses and infections:
1 . Wash Your Hands Frequently
Make sure you wash your hands at least 4-5 times in day. Rub soap for at least 20 seconds and cover all areas of your hands.  If there is no soap and water, use a hand sanitizer.
2 . Opt For "No Touch" Mantra
-Viruses can linger on hard surfaces for hours or days.
-That is why it is important to avoid touching areas like counters, sinks, doorknobs, light switches in offices and public places like metro stations and malls.
-Wash your hands or use a sanitizer if you can't avoid touching them.
3 . Swap Handshake With A Namaste
-Avoid shaking hands especially if a person has cough or cold.
-Instead wish him/her with folded hands.
4 . Prevent Mosquito Bites
-Wear full sleeved shirts, trousers, socks and shoes as much as possible so that most areas of your body are covered. Avoid wearing shorts and sleeveless clothes when venturing out.
-Use mosquito repellent creams judiciously on all exposed parts including face and neck before going out. Avoid contact with eyes.
-Most viral infections are self-limiting.
-Get plenty of rest.
-Drink plenty of fluids  (3-4 liters)to prevent dehydration.
-Take medicine such as Paracetamol 650 mg (maximum of 4 tablets in a day).
– Don't take any other pain killer or any other medicine.
– Don't take antibiotics or do unnecessary blood tests.



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