Thursday, December 20, 2012


Fear Of Success

Is fear of success the very thing that's keeping you from success itself? This is a factor for many people. Fear of failure, or fear of looking foolish, can demotivate us until we allow that fear to control our actions.

            There are strategies for dealing with fear of success, however. The first recommended action is that you simply write down what you are afraid of. Sometimes the act of writing takes away a fear, by putting words onto something you take the fear away.

            Another strategy that can be effective is to ask yourself if you have any control over what you're afraid of. If you don't, then put that fear into a box and store it away, it's useless and gets you nowhere. If it is something that you have control over, however, plan out a worst case scenario situation and then think about what you can do to avoid it. For example, possibly you're afraid that a new promotion at work will make you too busy to spend enough time with your family. What can you do to avoid this? Maybe the extra salary will pay for a family holiday, maybe you could get a personal trainer and avoid spending unnecessary time at the gym. Coming up with solutions to problems created by your fears is an effective way of neutralizing those fears.

            The most important thing that you can realise is that these fears have no place in your life. Success is about taking risks. Your life is better spent taking calculated risks to gain success than it is spent worrying about things that might or could happen. Success comes to those who dare. Letting fear rule your life is letting fear steal away your opportunities. Don't let fear prevent you achieving the success that you deserve.
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