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Story of Pablo and Bruno

The Story Of Pablo and Bruno

 Once upon a time, there were two men named Pablo and Bruno who lived in a village on the bottom of a mountain. The village had a problem, the only way they were to receive water was from the top of the mountain.

Bruno had a business idea, every morning, he would walk up the mountain, fill buckets of water, carry them while walking all the way down to the village. He would sell the buckets of water to the village and he made lots of money.

Pablo had a different idea, he thought of building a pipeline that would connect the water at the top of the mountain to the village at the bottom. He would make money by earning a percentage of profits from the pipeline. However this would take time.

Bruno laughed at Pablo’s idea and continued to make lots of money carrying buckets of water. Pablo went away and started his idea.

2 years later, Pablo finished his project and finally built the pipeline. The pipeline was a huge success because it delivered fresh water faster, it was cleaner and it was cheaper than Bruno’s efforts.

However, Bruno’s efforts were lacking. Due to constant walking up and down the mountain, the quality of the water would be affected and sometimes was covered in dirt making the water unclean. Bruno’s strategy for beating Pablo was to work harder, he would carry more buckets of water up and down the mountain.

Bruno did this for many years and became weak until he could no longer carry buckets of water up and down the mountain. He could no longer earn any more money. However Pablo was sitting on a beach while earning money from the pipeline he created many years ago. He never worked again.

Bruno was focusing on Active Income while Pablo was focusing on Passive Income.

The moral of the story is, you can not work 40 hours per week for the rest of your life, there will be a time when you need to retire or unable to work due to unexpected circumstances such as medical bills, being fired from your job or injury.


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