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Doing the best at this moment puts .............

Doing the best at this moment puts you in the best place for the next moment.
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The world is a much more beautiful and incredible place .............

The world is a much more beautiful and incredible place than you think, and each of us has a great deal of power to make it more so.
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The guy says, I wish someone would come by .......................

The guy says, I wish someone would  come by and  turn me on. What if they don't show up?  You've got to have a better plan  for your life.
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Seven Ways to Live a More Productive and Positive Lifestyle By Ryan C. Lowe

Doesn't it seem like every time you turn on the TV or get on
the computer, there is always more negative news that just
weighs you down. On top of that, you have your own personal
issues to deal with. This "negative storm" can cause someone
to feel stuck, lost and full of anxiety.
It is the fear of the unknown that builds up in our mind and
takes over like a dark cloud. This dark cloud follows us and
rains on us, making us negative in our personal and
professional lives.
As humans, we sometimes focus on the negative and stay under
that negative cloud that we created. We must understand that
we can walk from under this cloud at anytime, and we have
the power to make our days sunny and bright.
I am sharing with you 7 ways that I have found to be the
most effective when attempting to live a more productive and
positive lifestyle along with my Get off Your Attitude
Exercises (GOYA-cise) to get you moving.
1. Think Positive
Thinking Positive is probably the most important of the ways
that I can share with you, because you know that everything
starts in the mind. Thoughts turn into feelings, which then
turn into actions. If you tell yourself you can't do
something, you will ultimately find failure. If you tell
yourself you can do it, you have increased your chances of
accomplishing that goal. Keep your mind clear and your
thoughts positive. This way will bring great success to you
in your personal and professional life.
GOYA-cise: When a negative thought comes into your mind,
instantly swap it with a positive one. An example of this
would be thinking about a child's smile or someone you know.
This will keep the mind clear of any negative thoughts.
2. Get Around Positive People
Stay away from negative and pessimistic people. Surround
yourself with positive people, and you will be more
positive! This is a simple and crucial way in reaching a
positive lifestyle. Negative people can rob you of your
energy and your drive. We must learn to get around people
that are like minded, have goals and the ones that have
courage to go forward in life.
GOYA-cise: Think about someone that you respect and has the
positive traits that you want to possess. Try to meet with
that person frequently so that their positive attitude will
become part of you.
3. Read and Listen to Positive Information
One of the best ways to create a positive mindset is by
filling it with positive information. Too many times we get
our information from the wrong places. We get focused on the
negative news of the world and it bleeds into our
We need to learn to be careful on what we let into our mind.
To get out of the negative rut, we need to get in the habit
of picking up an inspirational book, find a positive article
on the web or just listen to a positive inspirational CD.
These positive items will open your mind, encourage,
inspire, and teach you how to create a positive mindset.
(Some of my favorite inspirational authors are Zig Ziglar,
Brian Tracy and Les Brown).
GOYA-cise: Put a Positive CD in your car, home stereo or in
at your office. Listen to it for the length of the car ride
or 30 minutes in your home or office. Try to implement that
one new positive idea that you learned into what you are
doing that particular day.
4. Focus on the Future
Too many of us dwell on our past and let it block our vision
of our future. We think about something disturbing that
happened to us or we think about something that someone has
told us that upset us, and we play it over and over like an
old movie reel. We need to break this bad habit and
visualize on what we want our future to be. The next time
your past is haunting you, instantly think about something
in your future. Write down your goals and create a vision
board. This way you can always focus and see the positive
things you want in life.
GOYA-cise: Make a list of all things that you want in life.
Go online and find it, print a picture of each item. Pin
them up on a board in your office or home where you can see
them. Look at this vision board daily and visualize yourself
possessing all of these items.
5. Plan Ahead
Using time efficiently helps to maintain a positive
attitude. The best way to do this is to plan your day and
your week ahead of time. We need to adopt this habit so that
we won't let procrastination take over and keep us from
reaching our goals.
The habit of planning and focusing on your priorities and
important tasks will help you accomplish more in less time.
This very act will keep your life in check and help you stay
on track towards your goals and let you know stay aware of
your accomplishments. GOYA-cise: Each day sit at your desk
for ten minutes and map out your next day. This exercise can
save two hours the next day.
6. Be Grateful
Take some time everyday to be grateful and thankful for
everything that you have in your life right now. It is easy
for us to focus on what we don't have or things we didn't
accomplish. Find these great things and recognize them. The
very thought of what you are grateful for will help you
maintain a positive attitude in your life. This habit is one
of the best ways to turn negative thinking into positive
thinking instantly.
GOYA-cise: Write down the top 10 things you are grateful for
and read them over at least 10 times daily!
7. Exercise More
Daily exercise will help you improve your mood, along with
helping to against stress and depression. This healthy way
of life will keep you living longer and living a healthier
lifestyle. Remember exercising will also make you feel
better about yourself. When you feel better about yourself,
it breeds confidence which will help you in your personal
and professional life.
GOYA-cise: Go for a 30 minute brisk walk on a treadmill or
around the neighborhood. This is a great exercise to create
positive thinking.
If you follow and implement these 7 life changing ways of
life daily, they will bring you the success and happiness
you desire. They will take you from underneath that dark
cloud of negativity and bring you out into the sunshine of a
positive lifestyle. Use the GOYA-cises to improve your
productivity and see the positive things like peace and
happiness that will come into your life.

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Sunday, May 13, 2012


40 Ideas to Simplify Your Life by Chris & Joel

Life can be a complicated mess sometimes. We all have so many things going that it can be hard to keep track of everything. When your life has become a chaotic affair, where you have to scramble to keep many different things in balance, it might be a good idea to think about making some changes.
There are ways an individual can simplify his or hers life in order to maintain a more peaceful existence. By determining what bits of your life are most important and essential to you, and eliminating all the fluff and bad elements that are causing undue stress you can feel much better.
Below I will list forty ideas on things you can do to simplify your life. A person’s life and what is essential is really a subjective thing, so these are merely suggestions that may or may not work for you depending on your outlook.
1. Get rid of unnecessary stuff
We all love our possessions, but after a while we seem to accumulate so many things that are unimportant and we never use. It can help to get rid of these things you never use and donate them to a second hand charity store. Not only will someone be helped by you donating these items you’d never use, but also it will simplify your living quarters and give you more space.
2. Stop buying new things
People love shopping, but it can get to be too much. If you can limit the purchases you are making to the essential things you need month-to-month then it would be better. Buying something special now and again is a different story, but a closet full of clothing doesn’t scream simplicity.
3. List the most important things
Try to make a list of the most important things in your life that you wish you had more time for. Then you can try to strive for making more time to do those things.
4. Lessen your commitments
We adults in the workforce have many commitments, but sometimes we overextend ourselves. Make sure you haven’t bitten off more than you can chew. Success is incredible, but down time is important.
5. Take a look at how you spend your time
This can be a big step to simplification right here. A lot of our time each day can be spent on little things that just eat away at our daylight. If we can eliminate those things, a simpler life can await.
6. Take care of important work first.
When it comes to our work day, we can wind up having to juggle many different things at once. However, there should be tasks that are more important than other. By focusing on completing the most important things, it can simplify the work experience.
7. Simplify home chores
Try not to get overwhelmed with home chores. If you need to delegate some tasks to roommates, or your family then do so.
8. Say no to some things.
You can’t always say yes to everything that comes your way. You don’t have the time to in some cases energy to do everything everyone would ask of you.
9. Less cell phone time
People become attached to their cell phones. Try not to waste the day away on it. Limit the texts you send per day.
10. Less media in your life
For some people this wouldn’t be optimal. Media can be a distraction that keeps you from what you really want to be doing. So try to keep your time on the Internet to a smaller amount, and watch less television.
11. Simplify fashion options
Go through your closet and get rid of the stuff you never really want to wear. Stick to work clothes, comfort clothes and going out clothes.
12. Unclutter the desktop of your computer
Sometimes we have too many programs and unnecessary things on our computers. Simplify your computing time by going down to the essentials.
13. Organize digital music and media files
With as prevalent as digital media is now, things can get cluttered. Try to organize these things into specific folders and make it easier on yourself when you are to use them.
14. Try to do what you love
Take the thing you love to do and make time to do it. If that is gardening, then make time for your garden no matter what.
15. Spend time with loved ones
Loved ones are important. You need to be able to make time for those you hold dear.
16. Find alone time for yourself
Time spent alone can help a person recharge their batteries. Peace and quiet is very desirable.
17. Take time to savor your meals
Those with busy lifestyles sometimes adapt to the habit of eating food as fast as possible so they can go back to working. Taking time to savor a meal will make you feel good and give you some zen.
18. Drive slower and be careful
Being in a rush to get somewhere isn’t always a good thing. Leave early and give yourself time to get where you need to go if you have to. Just don’t make yourself feel rushed.
19. Live in the moment
Don’t spend time lamenting the past or worrying about the future far too much. The present is where you are and you have to seize the moment. Your life is happening right now.
20. Create a system for filing your bills and paperwork
Bills and paperwork can pile up like nobody’s business. Having an efficient system to take care of them is a great way to simplify your life.
21. Have a plan for running monthly errands
Having errands planned out and getting them down to a science is great. Planning routes and knowing the best times of day to do certain things can save time and effort.
22. Keep a clean and clear desk
Some get in the habit of having mountains of stuff on top of their desk and office area. Keeping things clean and uncluttered can help one keep a clear mind.
23. Empty your inbox
Delete those old emails and don’t just let a thousand sit around in your inbox forever. It can be daunting having so much to sort through.
24. Make your life a series of routines
Routines help to simplify life because we can know what to expect and become more and more efficient at getting things done through repetition.
25. Learn to save money
Saving money is always a great idea, but it can help in making things simpler too. By not wasting money on unneeded things or events, you will have less to deal with, and having more money around makes problems that might arise easier to handle too.
26. Think about buying or renting a smaller house
Having a large house to live in can be a blessing if you have a lot of family, but if it is just you as a single individual, or even you and a spouse a smaller environment might be better. A smaller house would be easier to take care of, and thus things would be simpler.
27. Plan your meals a week in advance
Sometimes it is stressful trying to hurry and figure out what you are going to eat for the evening. If you can plan simple dinners a week at a time, then you can save yourself some headaches. Sticking to a plan can be a good thing.
28. Try to eat healthy
There are various benefits to eating healthy foods. Trying out a more healthy diet can help you feel better, more energetic and ready to get things done. Plus it might help you avoid getting sick as much, and you won’t require as many trips to the Doctor’s office.
29. Exercise regularly
Exercising is a great way to make yourself feel good both physically and mentally. We feel good about ourselves when we know we are doing positive things that have a good affect. With your body getting stronger and in better shape, you will feel less stressed and worry about your health or appearance. Looking your best can take a lot of stress out of the equation.
30. Turn cleaning up into a habit
If you can get into the habit of cleaning things up after you are done with them, you will keep your house from becoming cluttered. A cluttered house can be overwhelming. Simply putting things back in their places instead of leaving things strewn about can help a lot.
31. Designate a place for everything you own
Putting your stuff back after you use it is good, but it also helps to have a specific place for everything. That way you never get confused on where to stash something.
32. Take time for meditation or prayer
Depending on if you are a spiritual person or not, this suggestion may or may not apply to you. Taking the time to find some inner calm can be a wonderful way to wash some stress away from your being. It will help you stay in a good mood to do this every once in a while. Even if you are not religious, peace and quiet combined with meditating on the day’s events is a good practice.
33. Discover outlets for self-expression
This is an incredible tool for those who are artistically inclined in some way. You don’t have to possess amazing talent to enjoy this though. Take time to write in a journal, jot down short stories, paint or play a musical instrument. Expressing one’s self in these ways is very satisfying.
34. Streamline your goals
Sometimes we are so driven that we possess multiple goals, and strive towards them with purpose. Although wanting to succeed is good, it is probably better to limit yourself to one goal at a time. Think of the goal that is most important to you at the moment and make that your focus.
35. Avoid multi-tasking
The ability to multi-task is admirable, but it can be frustrating and stressful. Try to do only a single task at a time.
36. Learn to let things go
Being a person who is easily angered, or who holds grudges is not conducive to living a simple and calm life. You need to let things go. Like water off a duck’s back, just move on with your life.
37. Take the time to do nothing
Every once in a while a person deserves to treat themselves to a few hours of doing absolutely nothing. This can feel sinful to a driven individual, but taking time to relax is important to maintaining a less stressful environment.
38. Stop carrying so many things with you
These days’ people take all sorts of devices and things with them when they are out of their homes. A cell phone, gaming device, tablet and any number of other things could be on your person at any given time. Simplify this and only take what you really need. There is no need to be so plugged in all the time.
39. Appreciate the little things
The little things matter so much. Some don’t realize this until it is too late. Enjoy talking over coffee with your significant other and the family barbeque on the weekend.
40. Maintain a simple budget
Making a budget and following it at the beginning of the month is a great idea because it will keep your spending in check and promote good habits. It can seem like a hassle at first to do all the math and figure everything out, but it is a great thing to do. It will make your decision making process much simpler.
These forty things are just some examples of how you can simplify your life and begin to live in a less stressed out environment. There are many things a person can do to achieve this but the most important thing is doing what will work for you. We are all individuals and have different thought processes, feelings and ideals.
Think about what is important to you, look at the suggestions listed above and really give thought to what steps you can make to simplify your life. Once you eliminate some of the stressors from your day to day operations, it will feel like a weight has been lifted from your shoulders. Being unencumbered by stress is the way to be.
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Know Where You Are Going by Robin Sharma

Know Where You Are Going by Robin Sharma
“Focus your time and your life on your highest talents and dreams.”
I turned 40 a while ago and I am spending a lot of time reading obituaries. I get rejuvenated when I look at people’s obituaries and the lives they’ve lived. The differences that people have made inspire me.
As we reach the half-time point of life a lot of us begin to reflect on whether or not we are living the lives we want to live. We ask ourselves, “How can I make a difference?” We ask ourselves this important question because the biggest regret of all is to reach the end of our lives only to realize that we walked the planet in vain.
The Story of Peter
I want to share a story with you on this point. It is about a little boy named Peter. Peter was a child who could never live in the moment. He could never present his gifts to the world; he was always in a rush to get through life. He’d be in class and he’d want to be on summer vacation. He’d be on summer vacation and he’d want to be on Christmas holidays.
One day this little boy was walking in the woods and he came across a patch of grass. He laid down and fell asleep. Suddenly, he was roused by the sound of his name.
“Peter. Peter. Peter.”
He opened up his eyes and could not believe what he saw. In front of him was an ancient woman with snow white hair. In her hands she held a ball. In the center of the ball was a hole out of which dangled a long piece of thread. She looked at him and she said, “Peter this is the thread of your life.”
She said, “This is the thread of your life. And if you pull on it days will go by in minutes and if you pull it a little more weeks will go by in days.”
“Do you want it?” she asked.
Peter said, “Absolutely. I’ll be able to fly through the boring parts of life.”
The next day he was sitting in class, not enjoying the moment or experiencing the gifts of the day. Then he remembered the ball, so he pulled it out and tugged on the thread. Tug, tug, tug. The next thing he knows he’s on summer vacation.
He said, “This is fantastic!”
He pulled out the ball again. Tug, tug, tug. The next thing he knew he was a teenager.
He said, “Well, being a teenager is great but now I think I need a girlfriend.”
So he grabbed the ball and pulled on the thread again and found himself with a pretty young girlfriend named Elise.
He said, “This is great but I don’t want to be a teenager anymore. I want to be an adult now.”
The next thing he knows he’s married to Elise and the couple has two wonderful children. Then he noticed that his once jet black hair was slowly turning gray. His once vibrant and vital mother was growing old and frail.
Perturbed, he pulled out the ball and tugged on the string again. The next thing he knew he was an 85-year-old man. As for his wife Elise, she had passed away years earlier and the children were grown up and leading lives of their own.
For the first time in his life, he became very sad. He realized that he had not used his time and had not experienced life fully. In his sadness he walked out to the woods that he had loved as a child and found that patch of grass and he laid down to take a rest.
All of the sudden he heard his name being called, “Peter, Peter, Peter.”
When he opened his eyes he couldn’t believe what he saw. It was the old woman with snow white hair and she looked at him and said, “Peter, how have you enjoyed this gift I gave you so many years ago? Have you lived life fully? Have you been your best?”
He looked at her and said, “At first I loved this gift. I could fly through life quickly. I was always on the move. But now I realize that I didn’t live life. I didn’t watch the sunrises. I didn’t make great friendships. I didn’t give my potential to the world. I didn’t make a difference. It was all a waste.”
The old woman looked at him and said, “Peter, you’re a very ungrateful man but I’m going to give you a second chance to live your life over again.”
Confused, Peter went back to sleep. Then, he heard his name being called again. But this time he couldn’t believe what he saw. It wasn’t the 100-year-old woman. It was his mother. And she was young and vital and laughing.
She shook him awake and said, “Peter, you silly little boy. You’ve slept in again. It’s time to go to school.”
Peter realized that it was all just a dream. He stared at his mother. Looked out the window at the day and went off to school grateful for every moment.
The point of wisdom from that story is that every one of us knows that we’ll never have a chance to live our lives over again—yet so many of us postpone living. Here’s the big idea: you will never have a better time to play your best game. Most of us postpone being better at work until our children grow older. Or we postpone traveling until we have more time. Or we postpone taking better care of our health until we manage our workload better. Yet there will never be a better time to play your best game and shine as brightly as there will be today. Chinese philosophers once said the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago; the second best time is today.
Elite performers understand that life is short—there may not be another chance to be great

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The Top Six Ways to Stay Motivated by Chris Widener

The Top Six Ways to Stay Motivated by Chris Widener
1. Get Motivated Every Day.
Zig Ziglar was once confronted about being a "motivational
speaker." The guy said to him, "You guys come and get people
hyped up and then you leave and the motivation goes away. It
doesn't last, and then you have to get motivated again."
Zig reminded the gentleman that baths are the same way but
we think it is a good idea to take a bath every day! It is
true that motivation doesn't last.
We have to renew it each and every day. That is okay. It
doesn't make motivation a bad thing. We simply have to
realize that if we want to stay motivated over the long
term, it is something we will have to apply to ourselves
each and every day.
2. Have a Vision for Your Life.
The root word of motivation is "motive." The definition of
motive is, "A reason to act." This is the cognitive or
rational side of motivation. It is your vision. You have to
have a vision that is big enough to motivate you.
If you are making $50,000 a year, it isn't going to motivate
you to set your goal at $52,000 a year. You just won't get
motivated for that because the reward isn't enough. Maybe
$70,000 a year would work for you. Set out a vision and a
strategy for getting there. Have a plan and work the plan.
3. Fuel Your Passion.
Much of motivation is emotional. I don't know quite how it
works but I do know THAT it works. Emotion is a powerful
force in getting us going. Passion is an emotion, so fuel
your passion. "Well, I like to work on logic," you may say.
Great, now work on your passion. Set yourself on a course to
have a consuming desire for your goal, whatever it is. Do
whatever you can to feel the emotion and use it to your
4. Work Hard Enough to Get Results.
You can build on your motivation by getting results. The
harder you work, the more results you will get and the more
results you get, the more you will be motivated to get more.
These things all build on one another.
If you want to lose weight, then lose the first few pounds.
When the belt moves to the next notch you will get fired up
to get it to the notch beyond that!
5. Put Good Materials into Your Mind.
I can't say this enough - listen to audios. I still listen
to audios regularly. I buy audio clubs from other speakers
and I learn and grow. Their successes motivate me to get my
own successes!
Read good books. Read books that teach you new ideas and
skills. Read books that tell the stories of successful
people. Buy them, read them, and get motivated! Buy great
music and listen to it. I just did a spinning class at the
club today. Whenever a good song came on I was actually able
to get motivated to ride faster! It gets you going and
motivates you!
6. Ride the Momentum when It Comes.
Sometimes you will just be clicking and sometimes you won't.
That is okay. It is the cycle of life. When you aren't
clicking, plug away.
When you are clicking, pour it on because momentum will help
you get larger gains in a shorter period of time with less
energy. That is the momentum Equation! When you are feeling
good about how your work is going, ride the momentum and get
as much out of it as you can!
These are the top six ways to stay motivated:
Get motivated every day.
Have a vision for your life.
Fuel your passion.
Work hard enough to get results.
Put good materials into your mind.
Ride the momentum when it comes.
These are simple principles, that when you put them to work
regularly, will change your life by keeping you motivated
all the time! So don't wait -- Get going!
Chris Widener

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“If you have time to complain about something, then ............................

“If you have time to complain about something, then you have the time to do something about it.”
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"We must all wage an intense .......................

We must all wage an intense, lifelong battle against the constant downward pull. If we relax, the bugs and weeds of negativity will move into the garden and take away everything of value." —Jim Rohn
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How to Turn Nothing into Something by Jim Rohn

How to Turn Nothing into Something
by Jim Rohn

Have you ever wondered how to turn nothing into something?
First, in order to turn nothing into something, you've got to start with some ideas and imagination. Now, it might be hard to call ideas and imagination nothing; but how tangible are those ideas? That is a bit of a mystery. I don't believe that ideas that can be turned into a hotel, ideas that can be turned into an enterprise, ideas that can be turned into a new vaccine or ideas that can be turned into some miracle product, should be called nothing. But tangibly, you have nothing. Interesting! Think of it; ideas that become so powerful in your mind and in your consciousness that they seem real to you even before they become tangible. Imagination that is so strong, you can actually see it.

When I built my first home for my family in Idaho all those years ago, before I started construction, I would take my friends and associates out to the vacant property and give them a tour of the house. Is that possible? Is it possible to take someone on a tour through an imaginary house? And the answer is, "Yes, of course." "Here is the three-car garage," I used to say, and my friends would look and say, "Yes, this garage will hold three cars. " I could really make it "live." I would take them on a tour throughout the house…. "Here is the fireplace, and look, this side is brick and the other side is stone." I could make it so real…. "Follow me through the rest of the house. Take a look through the picture window here in the kitchen, isn't the view great?" One day, I made the house so real that one of my friends bumped his elbow on the fireplace. I mean, it was that real.

So, the first step of turning nothing into something is to imagine the possibilities. Imagine all of the possibilities. One of the reasons for seminars, sermons, lyrics from songs and testimonials of others is to give us an idea of the possibilities; to help us imagine and to see the potential.
Now here is the second step for turning nothing into something: You must believe that what you imagine is possible for you. Testimonials, like "If I can do it, you can do it," often become a support to our belief. And we start believing. First we imagine it's possible. Second, we start to believe that what's possible is possible for us.

We might also believe because of our own testimonial. Here is what your testimonial might say: "If I did it once, I can do it again. If it happened for me before, it could very well happen again." So we believe not only the testimonials of others who say, "If I can do it, you can do it; If I can change, you can change; If I can start with nothing, you can start with nothing; If I can turn it all around, you can turn it all around." Then we also have the support of our own testimonial, if we've accomplished something before. "If we did it once, we can do it again. If we did it last year, we can do it this year." So those two things together are very powerful. Now, we do not have actual substance yet, although it is very close.

Again, step one is to imagine the possibilities. Step two is to imagine that what is possible is possible for you. Here is what we call step two: faith to believe. In fact, one writer said this, "Faith is substance." An interesting word: "substance," the powerful ability to believe in the possibilities that are possible for you. If you have faith to believe, that faith is substance, substance meaning "a piece of the real." Now it's not "the real," it's not this podium, but it is so powerful that it is very close to being real, and so the writer said, "The faith is a piece of, the substance of." He then goes on to call it evidence, substance and evidence. It is difficult to call substance and evidence "nothing." It is nothing in the sense that it cannot be seen except with the inner eye. You can't get a hold of it because it isn't yet tangible. But it is possible to turn nothing, especially ideas and imaginations, into something if you believe that it is now possible for you. That substance and evidence becomes so powerful that it can now be turned into reality.

So the first step is to imagine what is possible, the second is to have the faith to believe that what is possible is possible for you. And now the third step is that you go to work to make it real. You go to work to make it a hotel. You go to work to make it an enterprise. You go to work and make it good health. You go to work and make it an association. You go to work and make it a good marriage. You go to work and make it a movement. You make it tangible. You make it viable. You breathe life into it and then you construct it. That is such a unique and powerful ability for all of us human beings. Put this to work and start the miracle process today!

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