Wednesday, March 9, 2016


Avoid calcium tablets after meals

If you care for your bones and take calcium tablets after meals, then watch out. And those who relish `parathas' and chapatis need to pay special attention as flour delays the absorption of calcium in the body.

"Flour contains a substance called phytate. When a person takes calcium tablets after any meal, calcium combines with phytate to form calcium phytate that doesn't allow absorption of calcium," informed Dr Sharad Lakhanpal, professor of medicine at South Western Medical School, University of Texas. He was in the city to address a lecture at Chhatrapati Shahuji Maharaj Medical University's rheumatology department. He advised that given the Indian way of eating, calcium tablets should either be taken an hour before a meal or two hours after it.

Dr Lakhanpal emphasised that those prone to fractures on any minor injury, like a fall from bed or vehicles, should take care of their bones. The best way to do so is get a bone density test done. Measured in terms of T-score, the test assesses the fragility of bones. It is a clear indicator of the common osteoporosis of bones, he added.

He said that osteoporosis is a silent phenomenon and it is generally detected when people suffer from fractures. Yet, the doctor from the Texas University termed osteoporosis as a friendly disease. "Aging of bones or osteoporosis is a reversible process unlike any other disease. All one needs is little care," he said.

Osteoporosis factfile:
-reduced height.
-stooping of back.
-hanging shoulders.

Facts :
Take at least 1200mg of calcium daily.
One glass of milk provides 300mg of calcium.
Calcium is best absorbed in body when combined with Vitamin D.
Exercise and walking delay osteoporosis.
What the T-Score reflects:
Bone Density -- condition
Up to minus 1 : Normal
Between minus 1 and minus 2.5 : Osteopenia or initial stage osteoporosis.
Below minus 2.5 : Osteoporosis
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