Tuesday, January 12, 2010


7 tips,to get your emails opened!

Hello Team

Here's 7 sure fire ways to get your emails opened.....

1) Your subject line should offer a solution to a problem.

2) Your subject line must be believable (e.g. "7 ways to...")

3) Keep it simple (simple is believable)

4) Split test, make one small change each time and track results to fully optimize your message

5) Be different from the crowd

6) Be honest with yourself and others

7) Keep repeating your message - when someone sees the same message from you 2 or 3 times, they are more likely to open it than the first time they see the message.

Hope that's helpful
Have A Great Day!

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Monday, January 4, 2010


Best of: The Entrepreneur's Curse Strikes Again

Stand up and RISE, the enemy of success has shown its ugly head again.

Will you draw your sword and stand up for what you deserve?

Or will you be brought to your knees and let the 'entrepreneur's curse' slay your dreams?

I didn't expect this conversation. Not by a looongshot.

Let me explain.

If you fail in one business do you instantly start another?

Think once if you've been involved in THIRTY (30) business opportunities in 1 year, you've made $27, you spent almost $39,000, and now you're looking to start something else! What is going on!'

All this is foolish.

You're all over the place. You're thinking like an EMPLOYEE, not an entrepreneur.

Just because you have a business doesn't make you an entrepreneur.

If your business doesn't make money in 90 days, you run to something else?'

That's how an employee thinks! Employees care about their next pay check.

Entrepreneurs think long term. You're attacking your business with an EMPLOYEE MINDSET. No wonder you're getting beaten up.

You're scattered and all over the place. I could tell something was starting to sink in.

SLOW UP! Get a handle on yourself. You need to take control of your mindset.'

Would a retail store owner open a business, close in 90 days, open another, close in 90 days?'


Well, then why would YOU!

Here is the point. - 'Stop thinking like an employee, if you wanted to SUCCEED as an entrepreneur.'

Listen, the 'Entrepreneur's Curse' destroys you.

I call it the IDEA AVALANCHE. New entrepreneurs think 'ideas' are cool until they get swallowed up by them.

They have so many ideas. They think the grass is always greener, but it isn't. It's just not.

It's a shame.

Start to take CONTROL of your mindset.

Think success. Think like an ENTREPRENEUR.

You have more POWER than you know. - You - do.

FEEL your power surge inside yourself as you RISE UP and go for what YOU want.

You have a problem with procrastination and concentrating?

Decide NOW to slay that dragon.
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Want a shortcut to skyrocket your in*come?

I've got great news for you if you've ever asked yourself any of these questions....

Why can't I get ahead in life?

What will happen if I don't have enough money?

How will I ever get control of my bills?

When will all my hard work finally pay off?

I know just how you feel....I used to struggle with these questions too.

That is, until I met someone who quickly helped me kick those destructive thoughts to the curb forever.

Listen closely, because this could change your life....

I want you to know that no matter where you are in your life journey, there's a rich resource available to you that will give you the powerful advantage you need to automatically attract abundant wealth, banish debt forever, and build rock solid financial security for the rest of your life.

But more about that in a minute....

How can we have more positive impact on the world?

What can we do to make sure people like you find the inspiration, motivation, and clarity so essential for you to live the life you were meant for?
There's no better way to move your life forward, than to spend valuable time with some of the most successful leaders, motivators, and teachers on the planet.

Consider what it would mean to the quality of your life, to peek into the brilliant minds of the most powerful wealth builders, spiritual leaders, holistic healers, and relationship experts in the world.

Imagine being invited into a personal conversation with them from the comfort of your own home, on your own timing. Capture their words forever....flood your being with their wise counsel again and again. Think how effortlessly you'll integrate their proven steps to success into your own life, and you'll realize you can do it too.

It's like having a magical road map to wealth, happiness, and inspiration at your fingertips!

This one conversation alone could change your financial future!

Here's a sampling....

* The most powerful psychological secret of wealth that can turn your life around in an instant. Once you realize this one point, you'll understand why you can't seem to get ahead financially.

* The one thing you must do if you want to become rich (and it's been right there in front of you all along!)

* Why you must be true to yourself if you want to acquire wealth, even if the whole world thinks you're nuts!
(especially those nearest and dearest to you!)

* A quick assessment that will tell you whether or not you're already half way to winning the money game.

* The one thing you must know to hang on to your money. (Hint: Even if you make a ton of money, if you don't have THIS, the money will leave you no matter what else you try to do).

* How to identify self-destructive (but unconscious!) beliefs about money that block you from abundance. It's
stunningly simple to turn this around once you know where to look!

* The biggest myth about rich people, and how it keeps you from moving forward to become rich yourself.

* The power of intention to attract wealth, and how to kick your intentions into the wealth building stratosphere.

* Why this message is coming to you at this particular moment in time, and why you must thankfully accept your financial destiny.

Remember, if you don't expect good things to come to you.... they won't.

Find out how easily you can attract everything you want into your life and embrace success!
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Friday, January 1, 2010


Best of: James Bond Has It - Do You

Walking on a sharp bed of nails for 100 feet.

That's how many people spend their whole lives.

They spend their time doing something they can't stand or settling for pennies.

Some people hear their alarm and are ready to chuck the clock against the wall.

I used to be like that. I couldn't stand most of my jobs.

I'm glad those days are over. (whew)

I'd rather have someone dump a 5 gallon bucket of ice cold water on my head in the middle of winter than be made to think about those days, even once.

You don't need to live like that.

Do you sometimes feel like you're carrying a 100 pound bag of sand on your back as you go for your dreams?

You don't need to struggle.

Hard work in itself never made anyone rich.

There's another way to live.

Yesterday I saw the new James Bond movie. It was awesome.

Put aside in your mind for a moment that James Bond is a character. Fiction.

James Bond has a tough job. No doubt. He has to dodge bullets and bad guys.

Look at his lifestyle though. (gosh)

In the movie, he was staying in posh hotels in the Bahamas, Miami, and other amazing cities.

He was ordering caviar and bottles of champagne that cost a fortune.

The car he was driving was out of this world.

So was the massive boat he was on, while working on his laptop computer.

I know it's a movie. I know it's fake, but there's a lesson here.

James Bond is GREAT at what he does.

I want you to find something that YOU can be GREAT in.

One of my mentors gave me this priceless wisdom years ago.

He said, 'Identify a hobby, expertise, interest, or passion, something you enjoy. Make sure the market has money to spend. Discover their problems and have them pay you to solve them. Then cash your checks.'

Like Bond, you can do something you LOVE and live a lifestyle that you've always dreamed about.

Traveling in exotic places. 2 more vacations a year with your family. You don't need a clock anymore. You wake up when you want.

Do you want that lifestyle?

Like Bond, you can do something you LOVE and live a lifestyle that you've always dreamed about.

Traveling in exotic places. 2 more vacations a year with your family. You don't need a clock anymore. You wake up when you want.

Do you want that lifestyle?

Seriously, do you?

Then copy Oprah, Bond, Spielberg.

Turn what you LOVE into a monsoon of cash that charges your way 24/7. When the monsoon starts, you can do nothing to stop it. (Yippee!)

Imagine that. Now.

Myself and hundreds of others have done it.

You're not interested? NOW make a decision to live YOUR life on your terms.

I believe in YOU.
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You need to decide *now*

More and more I'm aware of one of the key differentiators between people who "make it" and the "also rans".

What is it?

It's the ability to make fast decisions.

The weak hesitate and hem and haw about what they should do - about what could go wrong - about how it's not perfect.

The *awesome* make bold decisions quickly and see what happens.

They understand that no one can predict the future and that the only way to know whether or not something will work is to try it out.

The old MJ would have said ...

"But what if ..."

"Is that really a good idea?"

"What will so and so say?"

The new MJ knows that most of these "what ifs" will never come to fruition.

You may be someone who owns one of these courses and think "hey, I paid big dollars for this one course - how about me?"

Easy: when you say "yes" today we'll then give you full credit for that course to be applied to future courseware purchases.

No dramas. No stress.

The key to making quick decisions is to act immediately and to stop hesitating. It starts with one decision and then snowballs from there.

Start now with this one "yes" - right here:

Reward yourself with this no-brainer yes decision and then another and another ...

Stop waiting. Stop hesitating. Start making things HAPPEN!

And then - and only then - can I wish you:

Happy New Year!
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"Increase Your Success By 100% With This Proven "Goal Power Strategy"

"Increase Your Success By 100% With This Proven "Goal Power Strategy"

"The victory of success is half won when one gains the habit of setting goals and achieving them. Even the most tedious chore will become endurable as you parade through each day convinced that every task, no matter how menial or boring, brings you closer to achieving your dreams."

Og Mandino 1923-1996, Author

The Power Of Written Goals

In the 1970's Harvard University conducted a study that revealed the top 3% of super-successful people are those who have written goals. The top 3% of this study accomplished far more than the remaining 97%. In fact, the top 3% accomplished twice as much (a 100% increase) as those who had goals but never wrote them down, and at least 10 times more (a 1000% increase) than the majority of people who didn't have goals at all. Don't let the simplicity of this strategy fool you. When you write down your goals, it helps your mind tune-in to achieving them.

Step One: Pick The Right Goal

The first step in the goal setting process is to pick the "Right Goal" for You! A great way to do this is to write down 21 things you want to accomplish or attain in your lifetime. Next, cross off the three least important items. Review your list again and cross off three more items. Keep up this process until you end up with the top three things you want to accomplish or attain.

Step Two: Rank Your Goals For Attainability

The second step is to discover which goal you want badly enough to actually acquire. For this, all you need to do is rank each goal. For each of your top three goals, ask yourself the following questions.

  • On a scale from 1 to 10, 1 being least and 10 being most, how important is this to me right now? Write your score next to each item.
  • On a scale from 1 to 10, 1 being least and 10 being most, how much time and effort am I willing to put into attaining this right now? Write your score next to each item.
  • On a scale from 1 to 10, 1 being least and 10 being most, how badly do I really want or need this right now? Write your score next to each item.

Total your score for each goal. You have a potential of 30 points for each one. Your highest scoring goal should be the best candidate for success right now. The time is right. You've picked a goal that you really want or need, it's important to you, and you are willing to put time and effort into attaining it. Go ahead and pick one of your top ranking goals and move on to the third step.

Step Three: Write It Down And Think It Through

Written Goals are the foundation of Great Accomplishment. You can use this written part of the Goal Power Strategy to accomplish almost anything. Whether you want to improve your education, land a better job, buy a new car, obtain a specific amount of money, improve your relationships, or anything else, you can Increase Your Success Rate by asking yourself the following questions and Writing Down Your Answers:

I want or need the following?

Why do I want / need this?

What do I need in order to reach this goal?

Why do I falsely believe this is unattainable?

Why do I know it is actually possible to reach this or a similar objective?

How can I use my strengths to help achieve this goal?

How can I benefit others as a result of this goal?

What people, organizations, books, training or any other resources are available to help me achieve this goal?

What is my timeframe for reaching this goal?

What specific tasks need to be accomplished in order to reach this objective?

What do I see as the greatest obstacles to achieving this goal?

What can I do to overcome these obstacles?

How can I keep this goal in the front of my mind every day?

Step Four: Convince Your Mind To Achieve It

This step is an absolute must do. Read your written goals 3 times per day to keep your mind focused on making them happen. It is "Very Important" to read them just before you go to sleep and as soon as you wake up. Reading them out loud is preferred if at all possible. These two times are when your mind is very open to the programming of suggestions. Strive to read your goals a third time somewhere in the middle of your day, just so you don't let them get crowded out by other distractions.

Develop a clear picture in your mind of what it will be like once your goal is accomplished. In your mind, vividly experience yourself as already having the thing you desire. Make this mental imagery as real as possible by using all of your senses. See it, feel it, touch it, hear it, taste it, all in your mind. Play this mental video every night before you go to sleep and every morning when you wake up. Once your subconscious mind believes "without doubt" that you will achieve your goal, you will be in the optimum mode to make it happen!

Every night before you drift off to sleep, ask yourself the following question: "What can I do now to make this goal a reality?"

Step Five: Pass The Test

As an added bonus of becoming a top achiever, you will be tested. Almost like magic, as soon as you make up your mind to attain something good, obstacles appear. It's Life's little way of testing you. This test is designed to help you prove to yourself that you are committed to what you've decided upon. Just remember, for every obstacle you encounter there is a way to victory over it. Obstacles always seem a lot worse than they really are, so just stay the course and keep your goal in the front of your mind. As you do, you will find sweet victory and attain the object of your desire.

As you face obstacles, each night before you drift off to sleep ask yourself the following questions: "how can I overcome this obstacle in the quickest and easiest way?"

Step Six: Act On Your Ideas

With your mind focused on accomplishing your goal, you will begin to have inspirational ideas that are in line with what you want to achieve. Whenever you get inspired with an idea that's in line with your goal, take action! Sometimes you'l get the perfect idea at the perfect time. Other times your idea will be in the right direction but you'l have to make adjustments along the way to your goal. Just remember to keep your goal in the front of your mind, follow these steps, and act when inspired. As you do, you will accomplish far more than ever before.

Best wishes to you in all your pursuits and may you enjoy super successful living the rest of your days!

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The Magic Letter

"The Magic Letter"

Dear Friend,

Cast your eyes upon this letter and comprehend these four magic secrets of success. Allow their great power to energize your thinking, then witness the incredible forces coming to your aid and producing your success like magic.

"Read and apply the truths in this letter and you will receive great blessings - pass it on to others and your blessings will be greatly multiplied - for as you give so shall you receive"


The Four Magic Secrets to Success!

Secret #1 - Identify and take hold of opportunities in your midst.

If you seek success in life, start where you stand. Open your eyes to the opportunities others are blind to. Remember the account of the African farmer, who upon hearing stories of great fortunes, sold his farm to search for diamonds across the continent. This poor soul spent the rest of his days and all of his money in pursuit of his fortune. In the end, he found himself destitute and threw himself into a raging river and drowned.

Meanwhile, the man who purchased the farm discovered strange looking rocks in the riverbed of his new property. Yes it is true, the unfamiliar rocks were indeed diamonds in their rough state. This farm, sold in order to search for fortune elsewhere, became one of the richest diamond mines in all of Africa.

Take full advantage of the gems of opportunity in your midst before you embark on a journey after unfamiliar riches.

Secret #2 - Be certain of what you want and take constant action in thought and deed toward it's manifestation. Take charge of your good desires and command them to be yours, for nothing good can be attained through uncertainty or indecision!

Don't be as those who are constantly busy going nowhere. Those who accept routine and lack of vision bring death to their inner soul. Choose life!

"STOP". Examine yourself closely to know what you desire, with certainty. Create a clear picture of all that you desire. See it, feel it, smell it, hear it, and taste it vividly in your imagination. Choose your vision and make it real in your mind.

Command your desires to be yours and know with full belief that they shall be.

Understand this vital truth, your desires exist for a reason. You were created with this inner guide in order that you may be driven to accomplish all good things you desire.

Take charge of your desires now, own them, live them. Commit your thoughts, your time, and your being to manifesting them into reality.

Know with certainty that you will have the desires of your heart, then they will be in a position to become real indeed.

Secret #3 - Acquaint yourself only with the industrious and forward moving.

You will ultimately emulate the behaviors of those with whom you spend your time. Let the majority of your time with others be with the industrious and forward moving. Make only quality individuals your friends and allies.

Spend no time at all with idle, whining, complainers. Avoid the company of those who lack character and integrity, those who lie, cheat and steal, who are given to bitterness, anger, resentment and self seeking. These will seduce and poison you with falsehood and deception, they will sap your energies, bring you to ruin, then leave you in your time of need.

Be now the magnificent person you are capable of being and only associate with those of like mind.

Secret #4 - All are possessed by two entities (the Better Self and the Lesser Self).

To your Better-Self all things are possible. The world belongs to this one. This self is not afraid, it does not doubt, it does not cower. It is enthusiastic, full of life and love for all. Opposition runs away from the Better-Self because of its resolute power. This self stands tall, takes charge of its good desires and makes them real. Long term success, happiness, great accomplishment, and personal fulfillment are the constant companions of your Better-Self.

To your lesser-self there is only one path, the path of failure. This self is filled with uncertainty, doubt, and fears. It constantly fills your mind with all manner of destructive thought. Opposition seeks out the lesser-self because it can easily be dominated. Your lesser-self creates it's own hell and seduces you into joining him in it. Your lesser-self creates illusions of success with short-term pleasures that only end in emptiness and failure.

All human beings entertain these two selves within. Your body and mind are shared by both. The secret to your success is simply this:

"The self you feed, exercise, and care for most, is the one that will dominate your being. The self that dominates your being creates the success or failure you experience in life".

To live the life you truly desire, cleans yourself thoroughly from your lesser-self now, and allow your Better-Self to dominate. Then it shall be that great miracles are possible for you and all the pure desires of your heart are yours without fail.

"May your Better-Self take in the fullest meaning of this writing and provide you with unstoppable power, strength, and inspiration to create the most incredible life you are capable of"

Be blessed now with great abundance of Wealth, Happiness, and Good Health from this day on.


To Your Abundant Success and Happiness!

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You Retired...THIS YEAR? - How To Use The Awesome Power Of Money Systems To Cash In Bigtime This Year!

You Retired...THIS YEAR? - How To Use The Awesome Power Of Money Systems To Cash In Bigtime This Year!

If you really want to change your life in a HUGE way in 2010 then ASK yourself this question...

What would it take for you to retire THIS YEAR?

I'm serious! This is a VERY valid question.

Who ever said that you have to wait until you're 65 years old to retire anyway?

The key is to simply realize that you need to be making X amount of money every month as PASSIVE monthly CASHFLOW!

You need to know WHAT that number is. HOW much money do you need coming in every month to cover all your expenses and still have a cushion to give yourself a little extra breathing room in your finances?

Mike and I call this your FF#. In other words, what is your FINANCIAL FREEDOM NUMBER?

Once you know what that number is, you can begin working and thinking in terms of what you can do to make that happen.

What it all really comes down to is one thing. You MUST have MONEY SYSTEMS working for you. Money Systems that use LEVERAGE to generate passive income for you every month whether you work or not.

Once you have Money Systems working for you and generating enough to reach your FF# your entire life can change forever!

You'll then be able to retire NOW! Instead of waiting until you're too old to enjoy your newfound time freedom.

Isn't THAT what you really want anyway?

Well, then it's time to start taking action!

Here are the steps to begin RIGHT THIS VERY MINUTE:

Step One: Determine your FF#

Step Two: Begin asking yourself questions and allowing your mind to assist you in coming up with and focusing on ways to create money systems that can generate that FF# for you. (Like when you start noticing a car because you or someone you know got that kind of car. Ever notice how you start to see that same color and kind of car everywhere once your mind has been 'tuned in' to it?)

Step Three: Begin at once to put the pieces in place to make that money system work for you!

Mike and I built a money system for ourselves that has multiple streams of income within a single money system.

We're building this money system into a $100 MILLION dollar money system that can give ourselves and our great grandchildren anything they could ever want.

Either way though, the point is to get started THIS YEAR and do what you need to do to retire by the end of 2003 (if not sooner)!

You'd be flat-out SHOCKED how rich you can get when you have all day long to make it happen. The challenge in getting rich is when you're trying to fit the time it takes around a work schedule. Get OUT OF WORK and stop trading your time for dollars and you'll be able to make a LOT more dollars.

I'm not advising you to quit your job today. What I AM saying is that you need to get your brain in gear and cause it to start leading you towards financial freedom in 2010. Once you've achieved Financial Freedom and you can "retire" from the job/work force you'll be able to get as rich as you could ever want.
Here's to celebrating your retirement from the job force by the end of 2010!!!
Yours for Becoming Financially Free in 2010,
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The #1 Money Secret I Learned from Interviewing Over 23 Millionaires

The #1 Money Secret I Learned from Interviewing Over 23 Millionaires

All over the Net, people are asking you to pay them for 'get rich' secrets, all the 'systems' have different names. Have you ever asked yourself this question, how many of them are really rich? Maybe a few, right?

Wouldn't it be refreshing the learn money making secrets from ones who have documentation to back up there success? Then you know they are legit. They walk their talk. And then they are worth listening to. True?

Since 1998, I've hosted a business/self improvement radio show headquartered in New York. I've interviewed over 23 millionaires, many multi-millionaires. I've talked to the top CEO's in America, top motivational speakers, best selling authors, marketing guru's to name a few.

All these millionaires in their field left me with the same success 'secret'. It was truly incredible. The consistency in there messages is outstanding. If they all told me the same principle to winning in life and business, might this be the cornerstone to success in each of our lives.

Do you have somebody that has 'done it' that your 'following'? Do you have somebody whose 'done it' that is helping you 'do it'? Are you using the 'secret' to success all successful people have used throughout history?

I've interviewed individuals with combined net worth over 607 million dollars. They've all had a mentor. Shouldn't you?

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5 Simple Reasons Most People Will Never Get Rich ...and How To Make Sure You Do!

5 Simple Reasons Most People Will Never Get Rich ...and How To Make Sure You Do!

What did I learn about getting rich by interviewing over 20 self-made millionaires?

Well, after interviewing one famous self-made millionaire after another I realized many of the secrets that make them rich while others continue to struggle.

When you understand and do what self-made millionaires do, you get to become one of them. If you don't understand and do what they do you don't get to become one. It's really that simple.

Here are 5 simple reasons most people will never get rich and how to make sure you do:

Reason #1 - Waiting to start:

Most people don't want to wait for sucecss. But, at the same time, they are willing to wait before getting started on the road to success.

Do you see the problem here?

The longer you wait to get started, the longer it will be before you get the money, success, and lifestyle you want.

Many people are waiting for everything to be perfect before they get going. Therefore, they never get going and never get the rewards.

No race has ever been won (or even finished) by someone who never left the starting line.

Don't wait to get going. Start today on the road to success.

Reason #2 - Being financially illiterate:

The cornerstone of all wealth is understanding the difference between assets and liabilities.

The difference is this: Assets put money IN your pocket. Liabilities take money OUT of your pocket.

Most people think their home, car, and other possessions are assets.

But, the truth is that in most cases those things take money out of your pocket. They COST you money. They don't MAKE you money.

Therefore, by the true definition above, those things are liabilities.

They take money OUT of your pocket each month.

When you have more money coming IN from real assets than you have going OUT to pay for liabilities, you will be financially free.

There is only one way to do this. Which brings us to...

Reason #3 - Focusing on linear income instead of passive income:

One of the millionaires I interviewed said it simply. He said, "if you're not making money while you sleep, you'll never be rich."

Linear income is what you get from a job. You work for an hour and get paid only one time for that one hour's work, and that's it.

Passive income is when you work once but continue to get paid over and over again from work you're no longer doing.

Investing in or creating true assets that provide passive income for you is your ticket to wealth.

Reason #4 - Not understanding or using systems for making money:

A system for making money is anything that allows you to make money without your own effort. In other words, it's an automated way to make money.

All true assets are simply "systems" of one sort or another.

Once you create or invest in a proven system for making money, there is no limit to the money you can make.

Becoming a master of money systems can bring you riches beyond your dreams.

Reason #5 - Not being persistent or patient enough:

To finish any race you have to leave the starting line and follow through to the finish line.

Most people create their own failure by either not getting started or not following through, or both.

To get rich, successful, and happy you must have the patience and persistence to cross the finish line. You must not only get started, but also follow through.

This may sound obvious, but it's still the cause of most failure.

Only by joining the small percentage of people who are willing to do the 5 things mentioned above will you have the greatest chances for wealth and success.

It's really quite simple...Decide to do these things and you can get rich too. If you don't do them, then like most people you may never get rich.

Decide now to master the ideas mentioned above and begin your road to success now. Then follow through and watch the difference it makes.

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7 Sizzling Secrets of Self-Made Millionaires

"7 Sizzling Secrets of Self-Made Millionaires"

They sure have it made, don't they?

Those rich and happy people with the great lifestyles...

But, have you ever wondered what their secrets are for getting that amazing lifestyle you've always dreamed of?

Well, my business partner interviewed some of the richest, most successful, and happiest millionaires alive. because of this, I was lucky enough to discover the 7 biggest secrets behind how they all do it.

In this report you're going to learn these 7 secrets for yourself and how you can take advantage of them for your own benefit.

If you read and re-read this report to the point where you have mastered these 7 secrets I guarantee you that you will quickly be on the way to massive wealth.

How do I know these secrets will work for you?

Because these secrets helped 2 men you'll read about turn 5 simple words into over $1,000,000,000 (a BILLION dollars!).

Another man mentioned in this article used these secrets to create a multi-million dollar company and become an Award Winner of Forbes Magazine's, "Entrepreneur of the Year" Award.

A woman you'll read about used these secrets to become a multi-millionaire, who never has to work another day in her life.

You'll also read about secrets another gentleman used to become a household name and get incredibly rich.

Plus these secrets have been used by virtually every self-made millionaire who has ever lived!

So, let's jump right in!

Sizzling Secret #1:
How 5 Simple Words Became a BILLION Dollar Empire!

A few years ago two men came up with an idea for a book they believed would be an overwhelming success.

They both knew they had a huge money-maker on their hands. But, they had one major challenge.

It often takes a winning title to create a major blockbuster book and they had no idea what to call it.

So, they turned to a technique used by a man from the mid 1900's.

This man had come up with a title for a book that worked like magic. So well, in fact, that his book still continues to sell thousands and thousands of copies each and every year.

The technique involves using the incredible power of your subconcious mind.

What the two men did was to go to bed each night and ask their subconcious mind to come up with the winning title they needed.

Each night they would talk to their subconcious, saying to themselves, "mega-best-selling title...mega-best-selling title...mega-best-selling title..."

Over and over again they would continue to ask their sub- concious mind for what they needed.

After a couple of nights of doing this the answer came to them. They had the winning title they needed...and the rest is history.

What was the result?

Over 75 million copies of their book series called, "Chicken Soup for the Soul" have been sold. And it all happened because they asked their subconcious mind to come up with what they needed.

So, next time YOU need something important, ask your sub- concious for help. You may be surprised at what it can tell you!

Sizzling Secret #2:
Making Money While You Sleep!

A friend of mine had a project he worked on over 20 years ago.

Today that project continues to create an income for him even when he's sleeping.

Over the years since he completed that project he's also had other projects that have turned into income for him.

Each one brings him paychecks each and every month.

My friend gets income from multiple sources. He doesn't just get one single paycheck. He has money coming to him from many different directions.

The best part is that this income continues to come to him whether he works or not.

He doesn't just get multiple streams of income. He gets multiple streams of RESIDUAL income.

Having residual income means that you get paid even if you're sleeping.

My friend says, "If you're not making money while you sleep, you're never gonna get rich."

That's because he realizes that one of the best-kept secrets of the rich is creating residual income.

The key is to be spending your time working on things that will eventually create residual income for you.

If this isn't how you're spending some of your time now, then it's time to start...TODAY!

Sizzling Secret #3:
The Major Key You May Be Missing!

A number of years ago there was a crisis happening in the country of Korea.

It wasn't even safe for outside airplanes to fly into the area.

But, worst of all, over 50,000 children were at risk of dying from lack of food.

One man was running a program called, "Feed the Children". It's a program that helps feed children all over the world.

He realized it was up to him to find someone who was willing to fly into the area to deliver food to the needy children.

Over thirty airline companies said, "no". But, he kept asking other companies till he found one that said yes. It was the thirty-ninth company.

There's a great story called "Alladin's Lamp".

It's the story of a young man who found a magic lamp with a Genie inside who would grant him any wish he asked for.

There was just one thing he needed to do to get anything in the world he wanted.

If he did this one thing, his dreams and wishes would come true. If he didn't do it, he would get nothing.

The man running the program to feed the children was up against the same task.

To make your own dreams come true you must do the same thing as this man and Aladdin had to do.

Just one simple thing can make all the difference in the world.

You'll go hungry in restaurants if you don't do it.

A man can never marry the woman of his dreams without doing it.

Aladdin had to do this same simple thing to have all of his dreams come true. As did the man running the program.

What is this magic secret that opens doors to fortune?

It's simply the power of asking. Asking for help, assistance, support, funds. Whatever it is you need to assist you in achieveing your dreams may be within your reach if you'll simply ASK others for what you need.

As the old saying goes, "You'll never know if you don't ask."

Start using the power of 'asking' more often in your own life and watch how big of a difference it can make.

Sizzling Secret #4:
The Secret Your Banker Hopes You NEVER Find Out About!

Let me tell you a story.

It's about a woman who is in her forties and rich. She's a multi-millionaire, who never has to work another day in her life.

Recently my business partner interviewed her on his radio show where she revealed how she had become so rich.

She's an accountant who knows something totally different from most accountants.

She knows the real secret behind assets and liabilities.

She follows a simple truth about assets and liabilities that has made her rich. If you follow this same truth it can make you rich too.

The rule is this:

"assets put money IN your pocket. Liabilities take money OUT of your pocket."

Sounds simple enough right?

Well, you'd be surprised how many people, and even accountants, don't understand or follow this powerful truth.

Here's how important this principle can be...

Most people who own their home believe that their home is an asset.

What they don't understand is that it's not THEIR asset, it's their bank's asset.

Every month when they make their mortgage payment they have to take money OUT of their own pockets to pay it.

That payment money then goes IN the pockets of the bank or financing company.

If we look back at the truth about assets and liabilities:

"assets put money IN your pocket. Liabilities take money OUT of your pocket."

Now, if the money is going OUT of the home owner's pocket each month that means it is a LIABILITY.

And since it is going IN the pockets of the financing company then it IS an asset, but it's an asset for THEM!

The woman I spoke about earlier has many, many assets that continually put money IN her pockets.

She has more money coming into her pockets through true assets than money going out of her pockets from liabilities.

If YOU follow this same principle of acquiring true assets that bring in more money than you spend on liabilities, then YOU too will find yourself rich enough to never have to work again.

Understanding this truth is the biggest cornerstone of all wealth. I suggest reading this section over again until you fully understand this principle of wealth.

Sizzling Secret #5:
"The Best-Kept Secret of the Rich!"

Over fifty years ago a man had an idea.

It was an idea to create the most amazing experience in the world.

His idea was to create an amusement park that was like a dream world. A magical place so incredible, that no one would be able to visit it and go home without telling everyone they knew about it.

But, he needed to figure out a way to make this idea a reality.

He began to use a method that had helped hundreds of people become millionaires before him.

It's a method called "masterminding". In Japan they call it "quality cirlces".

This man realized that when you combine two people together, one and one equals the power of eleven. He understood that when you get your team together, you get your dream together.

When you team up with at least one other person, your ability to become successful isn't just mulipled by two. It's multipled by one hundred.

This is because multiple people can each feed off of another's ideas and each person can take an idea to new levels that no single person may have ever been able to by themselves.

Use the power of masterminding in your own life just once and you'll instantly see the life-changing difference it can make.

One idea can turn into a million different possibilities that can each create never-ending rivers of cashflow into your life.

Try it and see for yourself.

Sizzling Secret #6:
The Most Persuasive Technique in the World!

Recently my partner interviewed another millionaire.

He's a famous author and public speaker.

During this interview my partner asked him what was the most persuasive technique that he knew of. His answer my surprise you.

It's the same technique you've been experiencing while you've been reading this...

Then, this same secret came up again during another millionaire interview.

This time the discussion was on how this technique helped build many of the most successful companies you know of today.

The technique is to use stories.

Read what this millionaire had to say about the importance of telling a story.

"the importance of having a story to tell is, that's what everybody's interested in. Everybody wants to hear a story. And what they want to hear, is a great story!...great entrepreneurs tell great stories. And the great story is, the story of my company. The story of what we do. The story of how we do it. The story of why you should connect with our company rather than anybody else's company."

When YOU and your business have a story to tell, people will pay atttention. The better your story, the more they will pay attention to you and the more others will pay attention too.

So, remember: Great entreprenuers tell great stories.

Sizzling Secret #7:
The Ultimate Tip That Makes All the Rest Matter!

Sometimes, during his seminar one millionaire uses an example to prove a point.

He'll hold up a one hundred dollar bill in the air with his hands and say, "If this hundred dollar bill is available, and it is, who would want it?"

Of course, every hand in the room would go up.

But, he just stands there holding it up until he eventually says, "doesn't anyone really want this?"

Then after about minute or two, someone gets up out of their chair and goes up to him expecting him to give it to them.

But, even then, he won't hand it to them. He just keeps holding it up in the air until they do something.

Eventually the person has to jump up and take it out of his hands.

Then the seminar leader says to the audience, "now, what did that person do differently than everybody else in the room?"

The answer is, he got out of his seat and he took ACTION.

You see, even little baby steps create momentum.

Another millionaire who was one of Anthony Robbins' first milionaire mentors said, "...if you start something...not only will you feel better about yourself in terms of self- esteem, which is one of the greatest things in stepping toward success, it will also start awakening a spark of ambition...But it just doesn't grow unless you start the process."

Then a different millionaire from a famous company you've probably heard of said, "...how many times have you seen it? That the difference between somebody who had a good idea and someone who acted on a good idea, is that the person who acted, ACTED!"

In my own life, when I decided to stop waiting for everything to be perfect and just started taking action, my whole life changed in an instant.

I urge you to begin today to take action toward becoming the success story you're capable of becoming.

Take these 7 secrets and begin applying on them immediately. It's only by APPLYING the secrets of millionaires that you have any chance of becoming one.

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