Friday, September 7, 2018


Falling into an escalator ...

Two days back I had a fall on an escalator, just in somebody ran up and held me from further fall.

The most common cause of escalator incidents is users carrying heavy or bulky objects, and losing their balance when travelling on the escalators.

The same thing happened to me.
What I learnt:
Never go in escalator 1) when your hands are not free
2) when your legs are restless and don't have stamina to stand.

Here are 7 ways to prevent escalator accidents 

1. Hold on to the handrail and stand within the yellow lines on the escalator steps, where marked.

2. Be mindful when using escalators, and avoid being distracted by mobile devices.

3. Young children should always be accompanied and closely supervised by adults when on the escalator. Make sure that they do not play or run on the escalator, or lean over the handrail.

4. Do not linger at the landing areas to avoid obstructing other users.

5. Avoid leaning or standing too near to the sides of the escalators as clothing or soft footwear may get trapped between the gaps of the escalators.

6. Passengers with trolleys, prams, luggage, heavy items, who have limited mobility, intoxicated or feeling unwell should use the lifts instead.

7. In the event of an escalator incident, the public is advised to press the emergency stop button and call for assistance immediately.


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